Formula 1 2019 Season


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I'm willing to pay a buck an episode to satiate my desire for things like ST:Discovery or the Mandalorian, or whatever.  This monthly subscription stuff was old when cable came out, and it ain't any fresher now.

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I may just purchase the membership in the F1 app, which would allow me to watch the races on a device.  

When we first  moved into our house in February of 2017, we got Comcast.  I couldn't watch any of the  races I wanted to because NBCSports and ESPN were both part of a channel package that would have cost a lot of extra money a month, and none of the other channels in the package interested me.  I got by on watching IndyCar on YouTube (Legit.  Verizon IndyCar would post the race a day or two after, and I didn't really mind waiting.) and I'd just follow F1 on my device, on a $3/mo paid subscription that I canceled as soon as the racing season was over.

Then in 2018 we switched to Verizon, and t hose channels were included in the package we got.  So on race days, we could watch together as a family and it really became an event.  For the Indy 500 we got pizza and snacks, and decided from then on that would be like our Superbowl.  (We don't give a fig about NFL in my house.)  IndyCar is still on NBCSports and ABC, so no problem there for 2019, but now suddenly Disney decides that I have to pay them an extra subscription if I want to watch F1 on my TV this year.  Am I getting a discount from Verizon now that the package I have will include less content?  Betcha I won't.

That's the issue I have with the streaming services popping up all over.  Individually they're inexpensive, but the more spread out the content gets, the more streaming services you have to pay for, and that adds up FAST.  So this year, if I lose ESPN on my cable, I'm going to just pay for the F1 subscription through the app.  I'm not giving Disney a dime. 

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