IndyCar 2019 Season


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So if I were a betting man, I'd grudgingly put money on Rossi for the championship this year.  I'm a Scott Dixon fan, but his championship wasn't based on a lot of wins, it was based on consistency.  He was on the podium in almost every single race, even though he didn't come in first very often.  Rossi was looking very strong and very consistent toward the end of the season.  His biggest enemy, I think, was bad strategy and occasional hotheadedness.  If the team has addressed those issues, he's going to be a real threat.

Also, am I the only one who is irritated at Fernando Alonzo wanting to stroll in and try to grab the Indy 500, without paying the dues of racing in the series?  He tried that garbage in 2017 and I giggled like a schoolgirl when he blew his engine.  

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