Political Discussion? Not what you think...

Aish HaTorah

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I thought it might be fun to start a light-hearted discussion about the 2020 presidential race...

...BUT, this isn't what you might think.


If you could select ANYONE to be president, who would it be?

This can be serious, although I envision it as not serious.

It can be someone living or deceased.

It can be an historical person or a fictional person.

It can be a human or an animal or a vegetable or a mineral.

It can be a cartoon character.

Humor is welcome!


It can be anyone or anything you choose.................but.............


.........the catch is that you have to explain why you think this person (thing) would make a good president.


For the sake of all of you who are not in or from the United States, I extend this invitation to you as well.  Who would you like to see run your country, and why?


You are also welcome (encouraged) to share more than one if you think of others.


So.....who or what should be president in 2020? 

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My initial thought was  George Washington... mainly because he was a guy who stood against the idea of partisan politics and specifically never joined any political party.  That's the kind of thinking we really need right now.

That being said, all the partisan thinking we have right now would probably just drown him out, so even my ideal pick would probably get nothing done.


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—Lincoln, for his willingness to say “the status quo is bullcrap and we’re burning it down, whatever the cost”.  Followed by

—Washington, to cement Lincoln’s accomplishment by using his own dignity and virtue to unite the nation behind a set of ideals.  Followed by

—Calvin Coolidge in perpetuity thereafter, to remember the roots and keep the whole works going without getting distracted.  

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