Your vehicle, and your route out of town

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I think a cool get gotta town vehicle would be awesome, but it's not in my budget right now. I'll keep it in mind for the future though.  I do make an effort to know as many of the local roads as I can. When I see those roads backed up, when people flee a hurricane...I think I don't want to be in that situation....surely there are some lesser known roads?

@NeuroTypical I think complacency is closely related to or fueled by denial. Denial can be a good thing, in that it keeps you from panicking. But if one stays in denial too long that can kill.  Its a tricky balance. 

@anatess2 my husband and boys have some mad skillz too. But I recently realized...what it I'm not with them when something happens?  A very reasonable possibility for us would be an earthquake occurring while I'm at work.  It's a 30 minute commute. So I've started assembling a "get home bag"  (yes, I got that idea from YouTube, bless those preppers!)  I also agree that your mind is your best survival "tool" so I'm trying to improve my skills.  On that note, my favorite YouTube prepper is SensiblePrepper.  He has some great "hack" videos that get me thinking outside of the box. 

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@LiterateParakeet, I watched a few bits of the show Survivor.  It’s supposed to be a reality show yet I can’t believe the contestants are really that ignorant about survival.  For example, I saw an episode where they won live chickens and nobody in the tribe knew how to turn them into food.  The boys vs girls season was terrible.  The boys won all the challenges, had a sturdy shelter and a steady fire while the girls were so clueless they couldn’t even get a shelter up good enough to keep them from the cold wind and rain.  They keep on smooching off the boys to get a few hours sleep dry and warm!  I’m no way as skilled as my boys and I’m quite the city princess especially now that i’m in the US, but i’m not as clueless as those survivor contestants!

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