Can church songs and christian rock/music bring the spirit to you?


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Can church songs and christian rock/music bring the spirit to you?

I was listening to LDS radio on Pandora...and I had a warm feeling of happiness because of the lyrics and melody. The song is: Peace in Christ by McKenna Hixson. I'm wondering if there's a scriptural reference to this? I'm wondering if what I felt was from the Holy Spirit?! I'm just curious! Thank you !

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For someone like me who doesn’t really feel much emotion when the spirit comes, It’s hard sometimes to recognize the difference between the feelings I get while listening to the chorus of “hearts burst into flames” by Bullet for my Valentine and the feeling I get when i listen to “I can only imagine”.

So if you are one of those people that never cries when the spirit comes or doesn’t naturally “feel the spirit” when singing hymns in church. I wouldn’t rely on emotions to dictate when the spirit is there.

If I did that, I would be blasting Green Day, All That Remains and Avenged Sevenfold every Sunday. 

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Guest MormonGator

I think you can feel the Spirit in many places. Some of my most spiritual moments take place when I'm on top of Ben Hill Griffin stadium when it's completely empty (they keep it open for visitors).  Sadly, some people can't comprehend you feeling spiritual in places where they don't. What is even sadder is them visually demanding you feel spiritual in places where they do and you don't. 

I'm sure it's the same with Christian rock/church songs. 

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On 4/3/2019 at 1:29 AM, Jane_Doe said:

Totally!  The Spirit testifies of Truth, it doesn't matter if the person singing it is XYZ faith-- if it's Truth the Spirit will testify.  

I have an entire arsenal of Christian songs from all sorts of genres for all sorts of moods.

Care to share a top ten artists lists? or a top ten song list? :):)😍

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Guest Mores
On 4/4/2019 at 1:36 AM, without_you said:

I just wanted to make sure that what I'm feeling is not just emotions....but actually the Spirit.

I don't intend to discourage, but it may still be emotions that you are feeling.  But the two aren't mutually exclusive.  Remember that the fruits of the Spirit include emotions like love, joy, peace, etc.  So, it's not one or the other.  It is often both.  I just didn't want you to think every time you feel this way, that it necessarily means the Spirit is testifying truth to you.

Only experience, prayer, and humility will teach you the difference.  Keep searching, listening, asking.

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