What's your first date stories?

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Was it Fun? Awkward?....Weird?.... Exciting? Romantic....or just Nonchalant?

What did you do? Where did you go? 

What's your first date stories....

and... go..

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My first date was to a school dance. A group of my friends and I decided we'd all go together, and then they basically picked the guy for me. They may have figured out that I liked him earlier in the year, but I'd gotten over him by that point. We went out to breakfast, I think, for a day activity, then had dinner at one of the other girls' house, went to the dance, and then played games. It's been a lot of years and I don't remember whether it was at the same house as dinner or somebody else's place, and I may have forgotten or misremembered details.

Out of the provided adjectives, I'd say nonchalant fits best.

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