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Hello! Alaris here :)

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Hello there! *Obi-Wan voice*

I am a Gospel blogger and a forum frequenter, though I've only been participating on and so far. Recently, this site came up in a discussion on, so I thought I'd stick a toe in the water over here. Some of you apparently post in both places and will recognize my username no doubt as it is the same on the other sites.

I enjoy writing and discussing the Gospel. My blog centers on the seven levels of spiritual classes or orders of mankind as well as the Davidic Servant. I'd be honored to post about and discuss these topics over here as well.

I have a testimony of President Russell M. Nelson as the Lord's prophet as well as of Joseph Smith Jr. being the patriarch of this final dispensation.

I don't know if I can add a link in my first post, but I'll try - here is a link to my blog:


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