Jerusalem Third Temple, Ezekiel Temple and putting carbon into the soil.

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The Levitical rituals include the sacrificing of cattle.

Cattle and buffalo may hold the key to putting atmospheric carbon back into the soils of the earth.

So...... the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Third Temple and / or the Ezekiel Temple Complex could well play a massive role in stabilization of the climate of the earth!!!!!!

I love the nice progression of logic in this presentation. Running the numbers like this shows not only how powerful a carbon sink our earth’s soils can be, under the right management, but also just how futile and what a goose-chasing diversion most contemporary technological ‘fixes’ for climate change really are.

When you see the upwardly stepped red line (10:32) showing the seasonal rise and fall of CO2 concentrations (zigzagging seasonally due to the massive intake of CO2 by the northern hemisphere’s deciduous forests over the north’s summer months), try to imagine how that line could peak and begin to step downwardly. It can happen — with holistic education aimed at a widespread effort towards large-scale rehabilitation of our soils; be they deserts, savannahs, scrub lands, set-asides, farms and gardens. Rapid revegetation can put our CO2 rich skies back into balance — pulling the carbon down into our soils, where it becomes a source of fertility, and thus even more vegetation…. The cycle of stupidity, that is our current carbon cycle, can thus become a cycle of stability, health and prosperity.

And, in case you think it can’t be done, consider that we’ve actually cooled the earth before — and not that long ago. Take a look at what is now termed the ‘little ice age’, which ran approximately from 1350 to 1850AD. Over these centuries there were a few significant dips in average global temperatures, and there is a lot of evidence to show that these cooling periods were caused by rapid regional revegetation in Europe, Eurasia and the Americas. In this case the rapid revegetation was caused, not by the work of such educational institutes as our own, but rather because of a sudden die-off of human population numbers, due to disease.


April 6
"The SOILS can save us... watch CO2 data visualisation compressed into 1 minute
"If we build our soils 1 to 2% we can sequester all the carbon in the last 100 years" --- Ray Archuleta

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Was a replica made of the Ark of the Covenant????????

If so.... then could the nation of Israel soon have both a Temple Mount Jerusalem Third Temple AND the beginnings of an Ezekiel Temple Complex??????

In a September 1935, article in the National Geographic magazine, L. Roberts recorded his interviews with various priests in different parts of Ethiopia who consistently told the same story. They recounted that the Queen of Sheba had visited King Solomon and had had "a child", Menelik I. Solomon educated the lad in Jerusalem until he was nineteen years old. The boy then returned to Ethiopia with a large group of Jews, taking with him the true Ark of the Covenant.
The Ethiopian official national epic known as the Glory of the Kings (Kebra-Nagasi) contains an amazing story which offers an explanation of what happened to the Ark of the Covenant. In addition, there are several Ethiopian murals which tell how the Ark and the Tablets of the Law were taken to Ethiopia for safekeeping by Prince Menelik I. ..... The Queen of Sheba, his mother, had died and the prince prepared to leave Jerusalem to return twenty-five hundred miles to his native country to become its king.

Prince Menelik bore an uncanny resemblance in beauty and regal bearing to his father. King Solomon wanted to give him a replica of the Ark to take with him to Ethiopia because the long distance would prevent him from ever again worshipping at the temple in Jerusalem.

However Prince Menelik was concerned with the growing apostasy of Israel and the fact that his father, Solomon was now allowing idols to be placed in the Temple to please his pagan wives. King Solomon gave the prince a going-away banquet and after the priests were filled with wine, Menelik and his loyal associates switched arks and left the replica in its place in the Holy of Holies.// (Grant Jeffrey, [page 115, Armageddon, Appointment with Destiny).

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Please pray for me.... within months I may be able to attend a Jewish Synagogue in the Toronto area.  

I need to find one where the videos and teachings of Rabbi Alon Anava are very popular and where Rabbi Nachman of Breslov is

highly respected, (which should not be too difficult).


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