Can you decipher this limerick?


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Guest Mores

I got a gross and a score.

I got that 7 rhymed with 11.

But the I couldn't figure out the rest.

*** I just looked it up.  Pretty clever.  But I never would have figured out the 0.

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Guest Mores
30 minutes ago, dprh said:

Thanks to @Moresfor the 'gross'

Yeah, I was just stupid enough that I got a gross and a score, but I didn't figure out the dozen.  When I looked it up, I thought "duh". 

And of course, at that point I didn't think I was just supposed to read the numbers as they were.  But there it was.

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Why is Six afraid of Seven? (Spoiler below)

Six is not really afraid of Seven. Not really. It's not fear. It's...something else. When Six looks at Seven, he sees...things. He sees the Afghani children. He hears the bang and the whistling of the RPGs. He remembers the smell of grease under the HMMWV when the axle broke. That was when they lost Riggs. He was from the Bronx, and he always smoked Salems. Foul mouth, but Riggs was one of the good guys. When you needed backup, Riggs was there. So was the, Six can't think about that now. It's too much. Riggs is gone now, along with Pops and Lefty. Lefty. What a card. And Pops looked like he was sixty years old, but he couldn't have been more than forty. And could land a cargo transport on his head. And Wilma, and Rocco, and Tubes. All gone. Six knows that. It's just that sometimes, he...forgets. Something about Seven. Six doesn't hate Seven. He just...wishes he'd go away.

Plus, Seven has a hook for a hand.

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17 minutes ago, dprh said:

Everyone knows why 6 is afraid of 7, but do you know why 7 ate 9?  (Spoiler below)

Because it was told it should eat 3 squared meals a day

Somebody didn't read the spoiler.

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1 hour ago, Aish HaTorah said:

There person who makes it does not use it.

The person who buys it does not need it.

The person who uses it does not know it. 

What if you construct your own coffin?  Then you make it, use it, know it, buy it, and need it.

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Guest Mores
18 hours ago, NeuroTypical said:

Why did they paint barcodes on the ships serving in the Scandinavian armed forces?

So they could ... "scan" da navy in.

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