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First post here.

I was just wondering if someone had already made a complete list (or chart) of all 'compulsory' annual events (activities/meetings/events/interviews) for all three levels (ward/stake/church) with frequency.

Like so:

-General conference (twice a year)

-Auxiliary training meeting (1-2 a year)

-Tithing settlement (once a year)

-Ministering interview (at least quarterly)

I know there is a chart in handbook 2 but it's not complete.

Thank you,

P.S., organizing the ward calendar would be a lot easier with such a list

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Sacrament meetings

Ward and take conferences.

Regularly scheduled mid-week things (youth, RS, AD, Scouts, whatever you do locally)


Beyond that, things are really cultural.  Even that list you have changes over time.  Common cultural things would be a primary program, any ward parties (such as Christmas or summer get togethers).  

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I see you put compulsory in quotes.  That's good because, the only compulsory thing is Sacrament Meeting.

I don't think there's an official list because each Stake runs things differently than others, especially as it is a worldwide Church with different cultural traditions.

I'm not sure what chart you're referring to in Handbook 2 (I don't remember seeing a chart).  But I have a feeling that chart would only contain what is common among all wards and stakes worldwide and would not cover any activities at the local discretion.

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