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Jenda...I need your address..I just bought you a set of scriptures...I just got leather bound they last longer...Merry Christmas :rolleyes:

If you want I can get your name engraved before sending


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In chapter 1 of 1nephi It said he did pray for the people and was overcome by the spirit and was caught up in a vission.

Was this a vission like a dream or a vission where he was awake and being told something like what happen to joseph smith?

I know im getting a head of my self...But...

WOW! I just finshed chapter2 of first Nephi...

I remember the first time i read it, it made me wonder if I ever would have the strength to just get up and do as the lord commaned me. A year after I was baptised I was told to go to Utah , that that is where I would find my eternal companion. I sold everything I owned and quit my job and went....The lord asks us many things in life. My question is this.....

Lehi was guided through a vission and then was told to move his family, Are we as spiritually ready as lehi? If we were told today in a vission that we would have to give up everything and pack up and move would we? I'm impressed by his faith and committment in the lord and the gospel. They went with out many of there essentials as well as all there valuables...It would be like leaving everything and starting over.

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Lemuel and laman murmured against there father for wanting to leave everything and flee into the wilderness.

Do you think if you were asked something you would follow or be like laman and lemuel, I know I have acted differently in different cituations. I do know just as lehi was to guide his family our husbands are to guide us and there are times where I have leaned more tords acting like laman and lemuel and question weather my husband has really recieved revelation to do something or was he doing it for a worldly purpose, instead of trusting in the lords guidence...

Do you think lemuel and laman were acting unrightouse or acting like some of us do today....when we question our spouses and loved ones rather than relying on the lord for guidence?

Sorry I hope this isnt confusing, if Im off subject to much just scold me :D

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I always thought it was interesting that Laman and Lemuel literally did follow their father. They just did so begrudgingly and with sporadic outbursts of rebellion. They could have left at any time; it seems like they were big enough to just walk away. But, something must have kept them there. For most of the journey they were followers. They just weren't good followers.

What do you think kept them around for so long? Why didn't they just go back to the city if they thought their father was crazy?

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I'll be here tomorrow to discuss this! I have to read tonight since I just found this thread. All though, it won't take that long. ;-) I could probably paraphrase most of it from memory! LOL!

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Guest Starsky

Was this a vission like a dream or a vission where he was awake and being told something like what happen to joseph smith?

I believe that this was an actual vision, not a dream...being over come with the Spirit...

The thing which has always impressed me about Lehi was that he was brave enough to stand up to the existing church leaders and call them to repentence...even to the point of putting his life in danger.

He was like Abinadi and Alma in that way.

As for Laman and Lemuel...being a mother and watching the influence the public schools had on my kids....I just think they were so integrated into that world view that it was hard for them to bond with their family.

The world says that they give you more than family.... The world promotes school spirit, loyalty to friends...but does little towards building family unity.

In fact the world has put into place a systematic program for disecting the family.

Father and mother must both now work....the kids must have every talent developed and be in every program available....just to get into college which keeps mother and father working not just two but three and four jobs..

Where does the time for family come in?

Maybe this was what was happening in the community where Lehi and Sariah were trying to raise their family. Maybe this is why Laman and Lemuel ....being the oldest...were more caught up in this than were the younger brothers who were 'taught somewhat in all the learning' of their father.

I dont' know...that is just how I see it. So I am not so down on Laman and Lemuel as much as I am sorry for them.

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