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Maxwell Institute Study Edition of BOM

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I've searched, but haven't seen much discussion about the Maxwell Insitute's Study Edition of the Book of Mormon, edited by Grant Hardy. Hardy published a Reader's Edition of the BOM about 15 years ago, and I have to say, as a someone who is not a Latter-day Saint, I found it much easier to read than the standard edition published by the Church and distributed by the missionaries. Nothing wrong with that standard edition, of course. I have several different copies of that version. But I was only able to finish reading the BOM by reading Hardy's Reader's Edition. 

Well, just the other day, I got a copy of the Maxwell Institute Study Edition, and I think it's possibly even better than Hardy's Reader's Edition! This one is oriented more towards Latter-day Saints, whereas the Reader's Edition was primarily oriented towards non-LDS folks. The new(ish) MISE uses the 2013 Church edition of the text, while Hardy's earlier book used the 1920 edition, which was in the public domain. The MISE has some excellent notes, based largely on Royal Skousen's critical text work over the past couple decades, and I think that whereas it was designed to be used by LDS, it can also be a useful tool for non-LDS like myself, who want to experience the BOM in a more accessible format.

Here is a good review of the MISE, from Book of Mormon Central. I would love to hear thoughts from others who may have this edition. What do you like (or not like) about it?

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