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Hi saints

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Hi everyone ! i live in Brasilia, Brazil.

I got to know the church because my parent worked in one of the church farms here, so he was very close to the church, even though he wasn't baptized.

And so I grew up with a always growing admiration for the church, but because of my shyness and little age i could not yet be part of it.

Years after that, a girl touched by the spirit was doing her morning running in front of my mothers workplace, she felt that she should get inside to have a talk with my mom, they talked till the conversation got to me.

And so it all happened, finally i received the missionaries in my house to teach me, that was a nice day, though i'm the only one that has accepted the gospel in the family.

Besides my conversion story, since i joyned the church, i got fluent in spanish and english, and i'm learning french now.

And no, we dont speak spanish in Brazil, instead we speak portuguese.

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