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Third Hour

If There Really Was a “Great Apostasy,” Does That Mean Christ Failed?

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It's a fairly common question for non-Latter-day Saints first learning about the apostasy of the early church. And it's a valid one. Surely, one of the purposes of Christ's ministry was to establish His church on the earth. But we Latter-day Saints believe that after Christ's death and the martyrdom of the apostles, that church shattered. Was it all for nothing, then? Doesn't it just make more sense for Jesus to enter stage right as the unconquerable hero? He arrives, upstages Satan, establishes His church and voila! everything is just butterflies and rainbows after that, right? Well, consider the following. Christ never was quite what people expected The Savior has always had a way of doing (or being) the unexpected. The Jews expected a military leader who would literally save them from Roman rule. But Christ was a humble carpenter determined to provide an escape from sin. One might assume that in order to be truly free, one must not be restricted by a sense of obedience towards anything or anyone. But Christ...

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