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Third Hour

The Time President Kimball Stopped and “Looked Upward to the Chapel Ceiling”

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I got an unexpected couple of text messages from my mother today. She sent me a story about President Spencer W. Kimball you've probably never heard of, from a book you've probably never heard of. The book is A Heritage of Faith: A History of the Wards of the Salt Lake Bonneville Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. According to my mother, this book was only sold to members of that particular stake (but lucky for everyone else, I just found it in PDF form online). It covers the history of the stake from 1976 through 2014 and contains some wonderful stories relevant to our family (my grandmother belongs to this stake, hence the original access to the book). And, as it so happened, this was the stake President Spencer W. Kimball belonged to (yes, even the prophet has a home ward, stake, bishop, etc.). But enough with the details! Let's get to the story. Here's what the book says about a 1982 visit from President Kimball...

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