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Emmanuel Goldstein

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker final Trailer.

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Laying the nostalgia factor thick... they must be really begging the Fandom Menace to give a crap about the train wreck.  

Anyway, here's my prediction - there's not gonna be a light side and dark side, sith and jedi anymore.  The new paradigm is gray.  It's been hinted at for a long time.  So now Miss Mary Sue can now wield both dark and light expertly - of course, without training.  Because - the Chosen One prophecy is actually not Anakin, it's Rey.

I have stated it on this forum before - my favorite character in the sequel trilogy is Kylo.  If Kylo doesn't kill Rey, I hope Ivan Ortega will create a version of the film where he does.

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59 minutes ago, Godless said:
6 hours ago, NeuroTypical said:

I knew it.  Darthreepio.


This had me shook. WHAT DID THEY DO TO 3PO???

Replaced his eye light bulbs with the wrong LEDs?

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