Atonement (A Gift for my Wife)

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So when my wife and I got sealed this year, I gave her this gift, which I'd been working on assembling and painting for about a year prior.  It's about 12" high total.  Just finally got around to adding the shrunk down copy of our sealing certificate to the base. 




Just thought I'd share, since you guys know what a big deal getting sealed is...

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15 hours ago, askandanswer said:

Belated congratulations on your sealing, and yes, it is a very big deal!

Very nice work on the sculpture and stand, and even better work on the sealing. 


And just to be clear to everyone, I didn't sculpt it.  It's a model kit that I had to assemble. 

Not sure why the title of the piece is "Atonement" but visually it was perfect for this purpose, and I kept the title anyway. 

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