Making the most of that home-based church, plus bonus question


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A tangent post to a post I made elsewhere.

In reference to said post, I'm not entirely sure of Husband's plans of whether or not to return to a church building. He has made comments that he thinks he is being more passionate than committal on his feelings, plus he has wound up working the past couple of Sundays... he has calmed down on our kids attending, again blaming passion over actual practical events. Thanks for your thoughts.

But onto the meaning of this post:

All of this has made us want to get serious on really making the home first and foremost in our gospel living. I confess that while we live a reasonably church home (prayer, scripture reading, and such), we rather feel we have been dabbling, doing the basics while Sunday meeting is the big thing. 

I feel CFM does intend to put responsibility back on the family.

I'd like ideas on how to better do this. What are you doing in your own homes?



Bonus question (because I don't want to make another post)

I'm trying to better loving, respectful boundaries with extended family. To say it right out, introspection over the past couple of years has me wondering if I am more concerned with what my family of origin thinks than what I am thinking for my family. Not that I don't think it's wrong to request/accept good advice, mind you, but I would like to change my general mindset for how I consider my own family. 

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In addition to the ideas in the CFM manual, you can find more ideas in Church magazines.

Most of my kids are YM/YW, so we mostly just read and discuss. It's been nice. My kids are great at asking questions when there is something they don't understand, and we can share thoughts and ideas.

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