It's not just Canada. The entire western world is insane.


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Yeah, French labor laws.  I remember 20 years ago my office had to work with a French office.  It was an exercise in frustration.  One guy just decided not to work any more, but they had to keep paying him for a number of weeks (or months, I forget) in case he might change his mind.  They couldn't hire a replacement during that time, so the project basically just ground to a halt because they can't fire people in France without a whole lot of time and process.

People in charge living the legacy of former rulers' heads ending up in baskets when the working class got too mad?  I don't know.  I just do know that this story doesn't surprise me.  In France, business travel stuff apparently covers you from when you leave your house, to when you return.  Hardly the dumbest item in a big pile of dumb items.


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Yep this case is really interesting! It is a good example of Tort law extending statute law to an extreme.

Under French employment law the company is responsible for the employee’s safety during the entire business trip even when the employee is not working. So if you sent an employee to a war zone, then the employee would be covered once they had finished work and were returning home. If the employee was shot or kidnapped in this situation then they would be covered.

The court decided that sex is a normal part of everyday life and thus the fact that he was engaged in this activity should not negate the general principle. Normally you would expect an unusual departure from previous uses of the law to be overturned upon appeal but this decision came from an appeals court! But companies obviously will not like this result and companies have deep pockets and patience so let’s see what happens. 

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On 9/13/2019 at 6:49 PM, Vort said:

I agree - I believe that being a victim is a mental illness that is becoming most prevalent in our modern age.   But in the article - the guy died?  So I wonder, who even cares? - who is trying to cash in on his death?


The Traveler

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On ‎9‎/‎13‎/‎2019 at 5:49 PM, Vort said:

In the spirit of the times, we can simply dismiss this story. After all, the source is Fox News, so the story is an obvious attempt to make Democrats and liberalism look bad. Then again, their job was made easy. I mean, the story basically wrote itself.

-- The above seemed ideologically schizophrenic...I mean it started by dissing Fox then ended up agreeing with them. :huh:

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14 minutes ago, Sunday21 said:

I am blessed with two French exchange students this term. They are the same age as my homegrown students but...much more mature, more hardworking and resolute. No whining. No excuses. 

France must be doing something right.

Agreed. It's all that fornication. It makes men out of them.

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