An inverstigator's questions I cannot answer


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I would say if your investigator is wrestling with questions about Sealing then they have seriously derailed and you need to get them back to the basics.

Is the Book of Mormon True?  Because if it is not then the temple does not matter..  It fails with the Book of Mormon.

Is Joseph Smith a prophet? Because if he is not then the temple does not matter... if fails with Joseph Smith.

Are we currently lead by a prophet?  Because if we are not then the temple does not matter... if fails with the current leadership.

If the investigator gains their own testimony of all three.  Then the temple is also true, while we might not fully understand everything about it.

The Lord teaches line upon line.  He gives us a little bit and then waits to see if we will act on it.  If we do then he gives us more.  Anyone that wants to understand the temple has to first know the Book of Mormon is true and that we are lead by God... and be acting on that knowledge.  Until that happens the spirit will not be with them because of their disobedience and faithlessness in what God has already given them.

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