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Puss in Boots!

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We went to see a pantomine on Saturday, by the same acting troupe I used to belong to myself. It brought back some wonderful memories. It was Puss in Boots - "Puss" played by a very very handsome young man I've acted with before. (Hah - my wife totally fancies him!!) Anyway, here are some of the running gags they had this year:

  • The king's herald has a very loud and irritating trumpet. Every time he blows it (which is often) the king and the princess screw up their faces and cover their ears. Sometimes the king says "Is that really necessary??" to which the herald comes back with some totally convincing reason why it is. (As you can imagine, they bring plenty of references to Trump in concerning the trumpet.)
  • The ogre's two goblin-henchmen are a pair of Laurel-and-Hardyesque buffoons who fail to scare anyone at all - least of all the heroes! The "Hardy" of the pair is always toadying and simpering to the ogre, but trying (and failing miserably) to terrorize anyone else. The "Laurel" always misunderstands what the other has told him (actually her) to do and comes back with ridiculous excuses.
  • Everyone has difficulty pronouncing "The Marquis of Carabas". They practice saying it over and over again, but still keep getting it wrong.

I've been away from acting for nearly three years now! (I only intended to take a 1-year break from it.) I met the cast afterwards and it was great to catch up with old friends. I was surprised (and quite touched) that they said they'd all missed me! Anyway, that's definitely given me the acting bug again!

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