Old Joke (do not read if you are a rabbit-lover)


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The other day, my little boy came up to me and said: "Daddy...what will happen to my rabbit Thumper when he dies?"

"Well, son," I said to him, sitting him upon my lap. "Thumper will go to Bunny Heaven, where he'll have a lovely time, hopping about with all the other bunny-angels, eating the best lettuce and carrot and doing...well...all the things rabbits love to do. But he'll still think about us sometimes and he won't want us to be sad. So when that day comes when we lay Thumper to rest under the old apple tree, we'll have a big party to celebrate his life. All your friends can come, and we'll have party games and ice cream and jelly and balloons. And it will all be in honour of Thumper!"

Well, my little boy looked up at me with his big brown eyes, and he said: "Daddy...can we kill him now?"

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One of the area 70 told this story at youth conference:

There was this man who had a dog.  One day, the dog came to him all muddy carrying a dead rabbit in his mouth.  The man knew his neighbor had a family of rabbits and he was so upset that his dog killed one of them.  But he didn't want him nor his dog to get in trouble, so he jumped over the fence and returned the dead rabbit into the rabbit hutch.  The next day, he hears his neighbor scream by the rabbit hutch so he runs over there to give her comfort and she runs to him terrified - "I burried that rabbit yesterday and today he's back in the hutch!".

It was a joke but it had a lesson in it about repentance...

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4 minutes ago, anatess2 said:

One day, the dog came to him all muddy carrying a dead rabbit in his mouth.

If you're a cat person (like me) you can't afford to get too sentimental about rabbits. Back before I was married, I owned a huge tom cat called Ginger, and he would catch wild rabbits in the field near the house. The first couple of times I took the rabbit off him and put it in the bin, but then it struck me that this was stupid. It could hardly do him any harm: it was his natural food, and if he was a wild cat he'd eat it all the time. (Assuming he could get it!) So I started letting him keep them - though he obviously wasn't allowed to bring them into the house! I'd be out working in the garden, and every now and then I'd see Ginger dragging his rabbit carcass from bush to bush - and there was always a bit less of it each time. In the evening Ginger would waddle in, stuffed with rabbit, leaving only the feet on the doorstep - and his sister Tabitha (who was always more of a bird-hunter) would play with them like they were toy mice!

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