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An account of the First Vision in the Book of Mormon

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This reference to the First Vision in the Book of Mormon is where Nephi is expanding on a prophecy of Isaiah with his own prophecy of the latter-days. (See the short little video linked above.)

As a part of that prophecy, Nephi wrote that the churches in that day would "contend" with each other, each claiming to be "the Lord's" but not being His because they relied on their own wisdom and "learning." The reason for providing that context is that Nephi tells of how the the Lord chose Joseph Smith to translate the golden plates because he was "not learned" and would instead seek wisdom from God and rely on His "precepts."

Nephi gives background on Joseph Smith, stating explicitly that the Lord would personally talk with Joseph to tell him about the churches not having the truth, telling Joseph that they "draw near" to the Lord "with their lips," but "their hearts far from [Him]." This is a reference to the message the Lord told Joseph in the Sacred Grove, using those exact words from Isaiah.

Let me know what you guys think!

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