Banning Homeschool -- Who do children belong to?

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In another post I questioned the status of religious liberty, arguing that the efforts of LGBT activists to go after bakers, florists and photographers will lead to attacks on our colleges. Turns out, secular fundamentalists want to ban homeschools and really cement the idea that the state his priority over the family in setting values.


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We started homeschooling in 2005, and this stuff was news then too.  Not this specific article, but there has always been an article like this, a group of people saying this stuff. 

Germany is basically a lost cause, as your children do indeed belong to the state.  Our 50 states all legislate homeschooling differently, from the Germany-esque ones, to ones like Utah where there are no required days of instruction nor required subjects.

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3 hours ago, Vort said:

Typical Harvard nonsense. Until I get a sense that this stupidity is getting traction, I'm not going to worry too much about this one.

We may be a few steps away, but if accreditation gets tied to public policy (i.e. LGBT approval, etc.), and then they campaign against unaccredited homeschooling . . .

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