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New York City Council Speaker Demands Samaritan's Purse Hospital leave

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Christian Post did a reverse-journalism on this story--the best material is at the end. The key points are:

1. Samaritan's Purse set up an over-flow hospital to help with NYC's COVID-19 response.

2. The charity treats all-comers, no questions asked.

3. Doctors and other medical staff who work for the charity sign on to the organization's statement of faith, which includes belief in Christian marriage being between a man and a woman, and forbidding sex outside such unions.

4. Franklin Graham is a well-known Christian speaker who has spoken very directly about the Christian views on LGBT issues.

5. The council speaker argues that NYC was forced to accept charitable help to save lives, but now that the crisis is coming under control, the evil Samaritan's Purse must go.

6. The council speaker says this is mainly about Franklin Graham and his hate speech. Others argue that the core stance of Samaritan's Purse is the same for most Christians, and that if this stands Christians can be driven out of the public square nationwide.

7. The hospital Samaritan's Purse is serving says it will begin to phase out the overflow hospital on May 4.


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Another angle of it from a different news source

Illegal protest held as Samaritan's purse winds down coronavirus outreach


When it opened in March, the field hospital set up at Central Park was meant to increase hospital beds during the coronavirus crisis. More than 300 patients were treated at the temporary facility.


Critics also accused the group of exploiting patients who were filmed at the facility. The footage was later used in fundraising videos.


Officers did issue some citations to people present because they were in violation of the state and city bans on organized events and large gatherings during the coronavirus crisis. 

It also mentions that the city council member that tweeted against them was Council Speaker Corey Johnson

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