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2 hours ago, anatess2 said:

Duuude... your watermelons GREW FAST!

Okay... so interestingly, my experiment this year is growing a watermelon in a square foot garden.  I don't know anything about watermelons.  I planted the watermelon seedling with only 3 leaves on it on May 13.  This is what it looks like today:


Square foot gardening?  With a Watermelon?  Are you kidding?  That ain't gonna work. 

2 hours ago, anatess2 said:

It's that little vine in the corner.  I'm making it spill to the side so the watermelon spreads outside the box instead of taking up space in the box and getting blocked by the zucchini.  As you can see, it has grown a bit but it's still small.

Here's the rest of my tiny garden.  I don't have much space because my small urban backyard is divided into the party area, the chicken run, and the dog run.  That blue bin on the side of the pond there is the remnant of my aquaponic lettuce garden that I'm redesigning... I might get that going this summer, if not it will have to wait for next year.  



2 hours ago, anatess2 said:

This is the chicken coop which is my very first construction project:


Nice work!

2 hours ago, anatess2 said:

This is my office that displays my blooming orchids.  The red cups on the shelf on the back have avocado seeds I've been trying to grow (no success yet) and the rest of the shelf holds my starter seeds that are going to be planted in the garden.  The red bins on the side by the fence (I think only one is visible in the picture) are my potatoes - I basically just grow them in the bins for a few months and when the plant dies off I dump the bucket onto a tarp and get potatoes and start over.


I have never been able to get potatoes to grow.  Kudos to you.

2 hours ago, anatess2 said:

And this is my orchid corner that is strategically placed in the dog run to discourage squirrels (they eat the blooms!).  One of my dogs is a squirrel chaser.


One of these days, I'm gonna move out of this urban setting and have a proper homestead with my tiny house... dream dream dream...

Yeah, yeah.

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1 hour ago, anatess2 said:

I got the idea from this gal's watermelon!

Those look like the size of cantaloupes or musk melons, more than watermelons.  I bet she only got one or two melons off the entire plant.

Here are the challenges to using square foot gardening with a watermelon.  And you may note that she did some things to overcome them "a little bit".  But she just didn't mention what.

  • Contrary to popular belief watermelon roots spread about as far as the vines and leaves do.  So, if I were to dig under my plants, I'd see a network of roots for the entire 12'x24' area.  So, you have to place it in such a way that the roots can spread.
  • Watermelons in their own wide open space are extreme resource hogs.  They require
    • Lots of sun.
    • Lots of water.
    • Lots of fertilizer (10-10-10).
    • Lots of minerals.
    • So, to plant them where their roots can go into areas populated by other plants will mean a lot of competition.
  • You have to be very careful about the companion plants (almost a necessity in square foot gardening) due to conflicts with many different plants.

If you can get around these issues, then have fun.  But I've had enough problems with both watermelons and sq ft gardening that to combine the troubles of both is not something I'm willing to do.  But if you really want to, go for it.  And I guess, with the small available area, you kinda have to at least try.

I also have to admit that I have yet to produce the "prize watermelon" yet.  I'm hoping I will be able to do so this year.

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