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12 minutes ago, NeuroTypical said:

This article makes the point "Mormons end up in these agencies for perfectly logical reasons. The disproportionate number of Mormons is usually chalked up to three factors: Mormon people often have strong foreign language skills, from missions overseas; a relatively easy time getting security clearances, given their abstention from drugs and alcohol; and a willingness to serve."

This article doesn't cite a source, but says "A recruiter told the Salt Lake Tribune that returned Mormon missionaries are valued for their foreign language skills, abstinence from drugs and alcohol, and respect for authority."

Not CIA or FBI, but I thought I'd relate an experience I had.

I had just moved into a ward and was given a home teaching assignment.  I was sought out my new companion, and we spoke about getting with our stewardship.  He said that because of the elections, he was going to be on the road a lot for his job.

"Elections?  What do you do for a living?"

"I'm in the Secret Service."

"Wait.!?! You're a Secret Service agent?"


"... Whoa... I've never met one before."


"Ok, so I guess I'll be going with one of my sons."


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We have an old duffer in our ward who was in the CIA during the cold war, and has some things he just can't talk about.  He has an absolute blast just making crap up to awe his audience.  He'll go into great detail about how he knows many ways to kill someone with a spoon, or how you can tell if your boss is a commie insurgent.   Dude knows quite a bit about various places in Africa, and my wife and I got a story out of him about how he had been tortured.  We figure that was the truth, because the telling and hearing of it was not a fun or happy experience at all.

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One golden take away: Whether there is systemic racism or not, the duty of the family and society is to encourage people to do better regardless of "reality".  Everyone has challenges, and everyone has the duty to push against the challenges and succeed anyway.

The greater the challenge, the less success may be obtained.  But it is the effort that makes it easier for the next generation.

To simply "give up" or blame "they system" is the excuse to not make that effort.

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I live in our very small, purpose built national capital where 42% of the workforce are public servants. Each ward would have about 3 or 4 members where they are literally  not allowed to tell you what their job is. Most of those who work for the public service and who were not actually born or raised here had to go through an extremely competitive recruitment process to get here so as a result, we tend to have a lot of well educated, financially comfortable members who all speak the same public servant language.  

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