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The Fall of Love

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I sit enthralled as sunset dies
The rosy reds of auburn skies
The light washed out in rainbow hues
Drapes me in twilight’s dusty muse

I think of her most oft of late
Of simple ways and subtle traits
A knowing touch, and eyes so calm
Her caring heart a healing balm

I ponder all in heaven’s name
How is my life to be the same?
As nighttime draws I’ve lost that glow
Now left in dark as feelings go

A tear wells up in sullen thought
How we began, now come to naught
In this life only are we done?
Can we in glory still be one?

I think upon that very dream
While in the moonlight’s shining beam
As stars come out, the skies are bright
A hope within me starts tonight.

Aeglyn August 2020

Edited by aeglyn

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