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On 8/31/2020 at 4:32 PM, Emmanuel Goldstein said:


I am not sure if this fits completely with the Gospel of Christ.  We may think that it all starts Now - but the understanding is that it all started in the pre-existence.  But there is some merrit.  The scientific definition of intelligence is the ability to learn and modify behavior.  I think this is what Alan is trying to get to - the idea of modifying behavior.  And with that I agree - that if behavior is not modified then "NOTHING" was learned.  

It is this concept (with a few others) that I find so upside down in the LGBT community.  - That because of a pre-existing condition - they cannot modify their behavior.   Which, if we "follow the science" - the conclusion is that the inability to modify behavior, based in "learning"; demonstrates the absents of intelligence.


The Traveler

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