Jews seek permission to blast shofar on Temple Mount

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In my opinion ...  permission should be given to allow the Jews to blast the shofar on Rosh ha Shanah in 2020.  The world economy could descend into another 1929 unless the G-d of Abraham has mercy on us so this is actually an even  more important mitzvah for this year than it was in previous years.  




Jews seek permission to blast shofar on Temple Mount





Two organizations in Israel have petitioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu to allow them to blast a shofar on the Temple Mount.


It would be the first time since the destruction of the biblical-era temple that a Jew would be permitted to perform the "powerful act at the holiest site in the world," reported Breaking Israel News.

The petition requests permission for a shofar blast on Rosh Hashanna, next month, on the Temple Mount.

Since the first day of Rosh Hashanna is on the Sabbath, it will be the only place in the Jewish world that a shofar will be blown, BIN reported.

The petitions come from the Organization of 70 Names, led by Rabbi Hillel Weiss, and the Land of Israel Organization, led by Aviad Vosoli.



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