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The Fast earlier this year WERE successful - But the Lord will not stop men from hurting themselves...

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I recently ran across some people, when seeing the current situation at the university and around the US, that were of the opinion that the fasts called by the Prophet in the April Conference were not successful and thus were proof of some nonsense they had in mind.  I tried to tell them my opinion on this, but they were not in the mood to listen...and so...I'm here to gripe (well, not really gripe, but to write down my thoughts on it).

The FASTS WERE successful.  If you look at the numbers, after the fasts occurred, the numbers of infections and deaths both went down rather soon after those fasts.  However, the Lord will not preserve men from their own intentions to destroy themselves.  There have been suggestions on how to mitigate (and several nations, even non-christian and Non-LDS ones have done these measures, and even while they are much more dense, have more successfully navigated the pandemic WITHOUT ALMOST ANY least when looking at some of the Asian nations).

In the US, they have not been successful in this for the most part, and ignoring the precautions...finally, our cases and the deaths are rising again at an exponential rate and gaining momentum.  The Lord put out a preserving hand to us, but instead of accepting it, we took pride in ourselves and slapped it back.

One of the problems I think is that there is too much idolatry in the US currently (and perhaps the world).  When we read about idolatry in the Bible and wonder how people could worship things like that.  I see it in the world today.  I asked my daughter about it, and she said...they worship what they can see.  Most people do not see the heavens open and physically see the body of our Lord.  They DO see Trump (and this is just one example, not the ONLY example).  It isn't conservatives or liberals, it literally is that whatever Trump tells some people...they believe. 

My wife tried to tell me it was Fox News today, but I pointed out I read Fox News and Fox News actually says quite the opposite of some of the things those who worship the church of Trump will tell you.  It promotes wearing masks, it gives both sides of the story in many instances (both from Trumps point of view and his opposition), and is for many of the precautions out there.  It's not a Fox News or conserative thing, as many of them are saying the exact opposite of what Trump is is worshipping their new Deity...Trump.

However, it's not just those who worship at Trumps Church, you have the exact opposite of the spectrum as well.  Those who worship at the Church of Obama, or Biden, or MSNBC, or any number of other outlets.  Instead of looking for a more balanced approach, they obey what they hear...and then go out in large groups and protest, or try to put out businesses out of operations...and many other things.

Each side is teaching the other to NOT respect each other, that the other is their enemy  (Rather than the idea that we are all Americans and thus all have this in common, that we are ALL in this together).  In our conflict, we all get different ideas and standards and thus, in the worship of the deities they can see (just like they could see the golden calf or other fixed idols of their day) our society has devolved into fighting with each other.  We are so much at each other's throats (at least from what I'm seeing in general these days) that we are hurting ourselves. 

The fact that the Lord blessed us with a downturn of cases and deaths for so long should be seen as a massive deal of his grace to us, and that it took so long for us to refute his aid should show us how much mercy he has towards us and our situations!

I saw such a display of idolatry in class recently (and another reason class is now suspended for another few weeks).  We found out about the cases WHILE in class.  The student who brazenly came had already been tested and told to stay at their quarters until the test came back.  They had symptoms.  Instead...they came to class.  They had no mask.  They decided to sit next to others.  This individual was from the Church of Trump, and of course, has touted many of the things he has learned from his deity (though he would never say it is his idol and instead state that he doesn't worship Trump, worship is exhibited in actions just as much as words).    We found out in class...from a phone call that disrupted us (also something I do not appreciate in class).  Near him, was a girl that had decided to move away when he sat near her.  SHE is from the church of Alarmist news.  When she found out, she was outraged (and I can actually understand that).  His Trumpisms of it not being really that bad of an illness and she had nothing to worry about did NOT help.  Instead, it infuriated her.  Within a few seconds she literally attacked him (violence in class...what have we gotten too!!!  I've never had violence in class before...not like this!!).  She was so set in her worship and what she's been told she felt he had already murdered her!!!  She accused him of murder right there and physically attacked him (I suppose in an effort to hurt him like she felt he hurt her??).  It was insane!

We got them apart, had the campus police come, and here we are...once again out of class.  I reflected on this, and think that people are doing these insane things because this has become more than just something we are trying to make it through.  They have married this disease to politics, and rather than God being worshipped, their political deities are the ones they worship now.  They listen more to what these deities say...than what the Lord says and would have us do!

There's a lot more that's going on, but I think idolatry, pride, and the lust for money and power are what are driving men today rather than the Lord, and because of these things, rather than accept the Lord and look to him in faith to try to help each other overcome the current situation, men have ignored him and turned to their idols instead.  

Which is why I think it is getting worse.  Some may say I sound like a religious fanatic, but that's what I think is happening.

After the girl had her breakdown she said she didn't know who she could rely on anymore.  Everyone who she thought should be good seemed to be evil in regards to how they treated others and respected others in trying to stay safe.  She felt she couldn't turn to family, the school, or other students.  I couldn't tell her this (in my capacity as a professor) but I yearned to tell her that there IS a foundation we can still rely is the LORD.  HE is the foundation we can still turn to in these troubled times.

Going full circle then...I think it was evident that the Fasts worked.  At least, to me, the numbers seemed to be reduced after the fast.  There were still numbers, but they declined in many areas over the summer (and there is science that also explains it, but I think much of it had to do with our fast).  There are miracles at work (the speed of the vaccine being created for one).  However, the Lord cannot help those who are so determined to turn away from him and his aid (in my thoughts).  This is why I think the disease is becoming worse, because men instead of turning to him and practicing the principles which he has told us to do (Love him, and Love our neighbor), the people in the US and Europe and many other parts of the world have decided to worship idols of power, greed, pride, or even individuals we see rather than him.  This is NOT just something for one side of a political spectrum (it's not just a liberal or conservative thing, nor is it anything to do with that), but people from all walks and spectrums are participating in these things rather than turning to the Lord or doing what he would have us do.

Which, is really what I wanted to say to the individual that was spouting off to me about the Fasts recently...I DO think they worked and that it was a successful fast...but many people, even many in the Church, have turned to idolatry these days, and are relying more on the hands of men...rather than that of the LORD.

And now...that's off my chest.

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6 hours ago, JohnsonJones said:

Which, is really what I wanted to say to the individual that was spouting off to me about the Fasts recently...I DO think they worked and that it was a successful fast...but many people, even many in the Church, have turned to idolatry these days, and are relying more on the hands of men...rather than that of the LORD.

Pres Nelson's closing remarks of the most recent Sunday morning session of General Conference need to be read again by everyone. I will just quote one of his last sentences.

"My dear brothers and sisters, as you choose to let God prevail in your lives, you will experience for yourselves that our God is 'a God of miracles'.”

"Let God Prevail". Russell M. Nelson, Oct 2020 General Conference

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I'm more concerned about the consequences that may occur from future violence, rioting and disruptions of food and medicine supply chains in America.

But it really is not that hard to heed this old advice:  If you are sick then stay home until you are not contagious.

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I had planned to wait another week before posting but this thread is presenting some ideas that perhaps need to be dealt with now.  Two weeks ago my daughter and her eldest son came to visit my wife and I here in Utah from out of state.  Our grandson is going through a mental crisis and our daughter and her husband have decided to turn away from their divine covenants.  While they were visiting we talked (mostly to grandson) about divine covenants.  Grandson and mom decided to take a side trip to Rexburg, Idaho to visit grandson's cozens on the other side of the family.  During the visit grandson had a number of spiritual awaking's and return to our home after the weekend.  Daughter flew home by herself and grandson stayed and requested the he and I take a hike in the mountains - which we did with long discussions about science and religion.  The next day he went home.

Three days after my grandson left we were notified that the relatives in Rexburg have tested positive to COVID-19 and one is become quite sick.  This meant that both my wife and I have been exposed.  I am in my mid 70's and my wife is a diabetic which puts both of us in the high risk category.  We checked with the local authorities and they said we could not be tested unless we had symptoms or at least a week (7days) has passed since we were exposed.  Monday we were tested and Tuesday the results were that I am positive and my wife is negative.  This made little sense to us because for a week after being infected we have been together (closely) in our home without ether wearing a mask.  And if you want to know - we do (did) kiss more than once a day.  

It would appear strange that I would become infected and not pass it on (especially to wife) - as it turns out I have had several encounters where I could have infected others during the time between when I was infected and knew I was infected.  I do not seem to have passed COVID on and I have not experienced any symptoms.  So far all that I have been told to expect has not occurred (yet? or as per the norm).  Because I have been tested positive my doctor was notified and his office calls me daily - I like to think it is because they want to hear a joke because there is no other news.  In addition I was ridding my bicycle with no apparent impact from COVID but on the "strong" advice from the doctor's office I am not ridding.  I am currently close to half way through the required quarantine for having been tested positive.

I have had experiences with various flu viruses but I have never knowingly experience a flu with no symptoms before.  A friend of mine and his wife went through what was considered a mild COVID infection but at least they had mild symptoms - I have zero.  I did not want to draw sympathy from the forum for nothing so my plan was to say nothing until it passed or there was something.  But with this thread - I believe I should say a few things.

I honestly believe we live in a generation and time where misinformation is more prevalent than information.  I am inclined to believe that COVID is more political than actual.  The more I experience and observe it is obvious (and if anyone wants more information I will gladly provide it from actual experience) that COVID cannot be stopped from spreading and continuing its natural course.  Wearing a mask, handwashing and social distancing is not sufficient.  If it was; then the health care professionals dealing with COVID would not require addition PPE.

There has to be a reason why most people remain 100% asymptotic - but if there is a reason, either they do not know or they do not want the rest of us to know.  I am inclined to think they have some ideas but that politics limits what reaches the public.  Trump is also in his mid 70's and has been infected - though he had some symptoms.  And what happened?  Pelosi tried to start an effort to remove him from being the president and COVID response by the president is a major issue in the campaign and devastating not just our economy but the world economy.

It is my opinion the drinking soda and consuming inordinate amounts of sugar is more likely to cause death than COVID.  I believe it the truth be known - that all the deaths being credited exclusively to COVID could be associated with soda and sugar as well - which contributes to a lot of diabetes and obesity - which murders more people (even with COVID) - but fat shaming is considered far more evil the mask shaming????

As I have observed history - including that of the Saints.  The L-rd seems listen to the Saints fasting and prayers to protect them from most all worldly things - with the exception of stupidity. 


The Traveler

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