Near death experiencer Rabbi Alon Anava and Matthew chapter four?

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Is it just my imagination or are there many interesting parallels between Matthew chapter four with the near death experience account of former Atheist Rabbi Alon Anava?

Am I being silly to see many, many, many, many parallels between the teachings of Rabbi Alon Anava with the teachings of Rabbi Yeshua - Jesus in Matthew chapters five, six and seven?

Is Rabbi Alon Anava being set up for a role that is at least somewhat like a modern Elijah whose work will not only reach Israelis and Jews but will also be noticed by us Gentiles?

Please pray for him... and you might wish to consider this comment as well......



On my Facebook wall I posted the following statement this morning....... ....

"Could Latter day Saints play a major ambassadorial role between Christianity and Judaism? Latter day Saints would tend to take the testimony of near death experiencer Rabbi Alon Anava very, very seriously whereas a significant percentage of Orthodox Christians would tend to be offended by what he experienced. Personally.... I consider that Rabbi Alon Anava's near death experiencer reminds me of Matthew chapter four and his conclusions and teachings afterwards remind me of Matthew chapters five, six and seven. I have asked myself if perhaps Rabbi Alon Anava could be the final Elijah or perhaps another extremely important latter day figure?" And I got back this brilliant response from one of the most prolific writers living in Israel......



Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz: .... "Well, considering that the Mormons are one of the very few sects that have never killed, exiled, or set out to target Jews for conversion, maybe they are the key." (Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz)



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