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Work Humor:
My manager walks over to me and asks if he could speak with me because he wanted to show me something. I followed him to his work station and he pulled up a communication I had with another employee.
I looked at the communication and mentioned, Oh ya, that is the communication where I asked the other employee a question and when I didn't receive a response I used the hand notification with the finger pointing to the question hoping for a response.
My manager tells me to look closer at the hand notification. I looked closer at the emoticon and I finally saw what he was asking about.
The finger was indeed pointing up, except the finger was the middle finger rather than the index finger. Yep, my fellow employee received the "birdie" from me! Dang! So, I quickly found the other employee, apologized, and thankfully she understood and was forgiving.
The Moral of this Story:
When using emoticons with fingers what is the most important detail: location, location, location.
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My nephew (Kale) is living with us right now until he gets married in March.  He has been staying in our guest room which has needed a new mattress.  We finally got one yesterday.  My son was on his computer and I walk past him dragging the old mattress out of the room and the house.  He has a puzzled look on his face and asks what I am doing.  I respond, "Kale has pissed me off, so he can sleep on the box springs."  I keep dragging the mattress past him.  I wish I could describe the look on my son's face!


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On 12/16/2020 at 8:16 PM, Anddenex said:
The finger was indeed pointing up, except the finger was the middle finger rather than the index finger.

The hand emojis here have the same option. I've had to edit more than a couple of posts in my early days here once I realized what I had done. I now know not to make that mistake any longer. ☝️

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