Proposal for the creation of a LDS Volunteerism Hour?


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You Latter day Saints are famous for doing an astonishing amount of volunteerism.

Anybody in any other denomination of Christianity who would accuse you Latter day Saints of being unwilling to do volunteerism does not know you very well or they are being terribly intellectually dishonest because it is common knowledge that you Latter day Saints did an astonishing amount of volunteerism after Hurricane Katrina.... just for one example.  

You could theoretically do a database where you create a "Latter day Saint Volunteerism Hour" and theoretically..... your new currency could pay off the national debt of the USA because...... in most provinces of Canada it would be taxable at the rate of minimum wage...... ( I think)?!


"This video is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Robert Burk... "How to create money is not just a video on the methodology of producing capital it explains why the gold standard did not work and can never be made to work. No commodity or asset can be used as a medium of exchange without causing serious economic disruption. How to create money is not just a video on how to create money it is a video on how to stop creating currencies that generate debt, inflation, business cycles and many other economic ailments." (Robert Burk)
"Can the national debt of the USA be paid off in one year?"
Dr. Kevin Zadai, Prayer Secrets Level 1, Warrior Notes School of Ministry, lesson 4 :


... "Jesus said that this unbelieving world is not going to accept you, but He said, “Do not fear, for I have overcome the world.” What is it that is bothering you today? You might not think that you have access to the Father, but it has been provided to you. You might think that you cannot just go to the Father and ask Him for something. The first thing you should ask the Father is to open your eyes. Your relationship with God is going to drive out fear. You have to grasp that God is not limiting you. He has never limited you. The Holy Spirit came on the Day of Pentecost and took the ceiling off. You can go as high and as far as you want.
If you would believe, God would give you the ability to completely pay off our national debt. God has a way of paying off our debt in our country. There is a way to do it. God knows that secret. But instead of focusing on our country, what about focusing on your bills? What does the Holy Spirit want to tell you by pulling back a veil that will cause you to be debt-free within the year? That will happen if you believe. The Holy Spirit has so much more for you, but you have limited Him. Because you have limited Him, He can’t speak to you. Because of that, people that are prophetic can’t come to you and confirm what God has said because you won’t hear it.
You can trust God. Relationships that you are having trouble with can be resolved tomorrow morning. If you accept what God is saying, the Spirit of God will enforce a blessing in your life to the point where you will see your family members and friends start to respond. " (Dr. Kevin Zadai, Prayer Secrets Level 1, Warrior Notes School of Ministry, lesson 4 )


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I got back an exceptionally insightful statement related to this.  



"You can always count on the body of Christ in all its forms to show up when needed. Especially the 3 M’s (Methodists, Mennonites and Mormons). That’s not my saying I’ve heard it from several people who work for disaster relief over the years." (Jeremiah Diegel) the storm made landfall,and telling them where to




More recently, the church went into high gear during Hurricane Katrina in a performance that put the federal government to shame. Before the storm made landfall, the LDS church in New Orleans safely evacuated all but about seven families out of about 2,500 local members, largely because the church had created an automated telephone emergency warning system that alerted all its members, instructing them to get out of town and telling them where to go.

Two days before the storm made landfall, while FEMA was floundering, the church dispatched 10 trucks full of tents, sleeping bags, tarps to cover wrecked roofs, bottled water, and 5-gallon drums of gas from its warehouses to New Orleans and other hard-hit areas. The supplies were distributed in an orderly fashion to people who desperately needed them.



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