The testimony of Mr. Steven Collingsworth LDS


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I sent the link to the testimony of Mr. Steven Collingsworth to my wife today because I believe that after she hears his story she will better understand why I am fellowshipping with you Latter day Saints so much.  

I find that I am feeling much, much, much more of the Holy Spirit FIRE and guidance and I feel closer to Messiah Yeshua - Jesus now that I am fellowshipping regularly with LDS Elders and Sisters and local ward members.



How Steven Found Him
Within the confines of prison Steve found happiness when he found Him.



Does this link work for you?

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Dustin's Story
How Dustin Found Him
Watch Dustin share his story about how he came to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ


Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In a way....... you Dustin...... YOU SIR... are giving UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TO YOUR CREATOR...... because you have forgiven your Creator.... for giving you a heavy cross to carry!
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