Transgender weight lifter Laurel Hubbard was allowed to compete at the Olympics as a woman...


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2 minutes ago, Vort said:

Alternate headline:

Olympics Allow So-called Transgendered Athletes to Compete in Women's Sports, Yet Somehow Is No More a Joke Than It Has Been for 20 Years

I wonder... just wonder if any country sent their transgender 'men' (aka biological women) to compete against actual men from other countries?
Is this just a... send all our men to beat all their women situation?

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9 hours ago, Suzie said:

But Caster Semenya, a South African runner who is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in the 800 meters, who have naturally high levels of testosterone compared with most women wasn't allowed to compete in that race. 😳

Wikipedia says that Caster is intersex, with an XY genetic makeup and having experienced the hormonal surges that males go through at puberty but apparently having been raised as a female from birth (I would presume, due to external genitalia that manifested as female).

Frankly, I think the running authorities made the right call; as it doesn’t seem right to have people who got the “male” advantages of puberty compete on par with people who didn’t.  But . . . whatever.  It does seem to me that the whole point of women’s athletics is that in most sports, due to physiological makeup, the best of the women just can’t compete at the same level as the best of the men; and thus need to form their own “no boys allowed” club to have a fighting chance at “winning”.  If women want to lay the groundwork for their eventual banishment from their own institutions, then who am I to stop them? 

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