Marijuana Hallucination or Demonic Experience?


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1 hour ago, LDSGator said:

If it’s edible form taken for medicinal reasons-does the church have an issue with that?

8 minutes ago, LDSGator said:

But....they don’t take issue with it.

Glad I could be of service. 😉


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1 hour ago, NeedleinA said:

The Church opposes the use of marijuana for non-medical purposes.
The Church does not approve of smoking marijuana, including for medical purposes.

This is interesting to me that the Church opposes medical marijuana when smoked but not the edibles. Why? My 25-second Google search just now brought up an article by ScienceNews stating "Edibles are tied to more severe health issues than smoking marijuana".  It's either your liver or lungs that will be processing the THC depending how you consume it. I don't understand the Church's different stance on it other than maybe being influenced by the societal perception that smoking looks worse on the surface level.

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I know two people who are Latter-Day Saints that use medical marijuana.  Both have major pain and medical issues and neither smoke it.  They ingest it.

One of the people told me she got high off of the medical marijuana she was using once and she hated the experience.  She said she uses it carefully now to not get the same drug experience.  Both of them say it helps with the pain they have to constantly endure.

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On 8/11/2021 at 3:20 PM, LDSGator said:

But....they don’t take issue with it. In fact, them saying they oppose it for “non medical” reasons heavily implies that they don’t have an issue with medicinal use. 

Personally? I’m not sure what I’d do, and I don’t worry about it. When they issue that teaching, than I’ll think about it. 


I believe in this and many other things the basic concept of "The Church" to be centered in agency and the idea that the Saints of G-d should not nor ought to be "commanded in all things".


The Traveler

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