What's a popular word, saying or phrase you can't stand?


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"Let's agree to disagree."

Not that such a thought is not justified at times, when two people come to an impasse based on fundamental philosophical differences. But in most venues, including this forum, "Let's agree to disagree" usually means "I can't respond to what you're saying and I don't want to concede your argument, so I'm going to pretend that we're at a philosophical impasse." In such cases, it's either a dishonest way to avoid admitting the weakness of one's argument or a prideful (and thus shameful) attempt at face-saving.

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“At least I’m honest”

What is this even supposed to imply? That being honest is virtue enough to cover up for hurtful, prideful, negligent, or harsh words? Honesty should be a default standard, not a rare virtue that makes up for short falls

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1 hour ago, askandanswer said:

"We'd like to







Why not just thank, ask, advise, inform invite or whatever instead of saying that you'd like to ?

In the rare occasions when I have held leadership positions, I have made it a point to thank people, both individuals and groups, rather than "like to thank" them. I fully realize that the "we'd like to blah blah blah" is just a social softener, but I see no need to soften an expression of gratitude (or for that matter, an instruction or notification).

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19 minutes ago, mirkwood said:


KISS is a great band.

Florida Gators are my favorite college.

I love Tim Tebow.

Baseball is my favorite sport.

I like horror movies and books.


Oh I could just go on and on...



KISS great? They were definitely interesting ..,

Florida Gators? Yea, I can roll with that one, especially if they are playing Florida State!

Tim Tebow? I love the guy and lots of terrible NFL teams should have hired him just to increase profits IMHO. Who cares if they win, football is a business.

Baseball? Love to play it, but attending one A's game a year and watching highlights from the last game of the World Series is enough for me. As a teen we did love attending Seattle Mariners games because tickets were practically free, and there was no pressure to win because they were already mathematically out of contention.

Horror Movies? Just Alien and Aliens. Books? Yes, as long as there are lots of pictures :)

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I believe it is attributed to Albert Einstein. But I hate the saying: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 

Clearly Einstein never learned to play the piano. 

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You need to follow your heart.

We need to follow the science - spoken by someone that has no background (interest) in science.

Politicians that criticize those of a different political stripe for doing what they praise their fellow politicians for.

Someone that thinks that scripture or the words of a prophet will solve differences of religious opinions.

Saying something literally with the intent of symbolism - example a sports caster talking about a speedy receiver by saying, "He is literally flying down the field". 

Thinking that something you have - it is mine, I can do with it what I want? - especially when the same complains of how wasteful others are. 

Anyone gaslighting - Blaming others for their bad choices, bad behavior, mistakes or inabilities to accomplish lasting relationships.

Sourer grape complaining - Especially those that fail to maintain religious covenants that blame religions for the world's ills.


The Traveler

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On 9/4/2021 at 6:17 PM, Suzie said:

For me has to be: "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it".

It drives me crazy because I'm a planner and I'm all for contingency plans, etc. 

What's yours?

I kind of like this particular saying - because I believe that 90% of the things people worry about never happens.  But then such proves that worrying about something is likely the most effective thing many people do about the problems they face.😉


The Traveler

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