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The Holy War

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On 9/9/2021 at 11:53 AM, Vort said:

There was a time when the football rivalry between BYU and the U of U was fun and light-hearted. When I was a student at BYU in the 1980s, that is how we approached it. I was shocked to discover that many U of U students, even back then, sincerely despised BYU and honestly wished evil upon its football team as well as the institution itself and especially its students. Charges of "holier-than-thou" attitudes abounded, though I rarely saw such from BYU students. Acquaintances at the U of U confirmed that the bitter feelings were both sincere and widely felt.

I avoid most rivalry nonsense now. Some U of U students, alumni, and supporters I count as friends, even family. I have been disappointed to find in my adult life that some U of U alums proudly wear a chip on their shoulder and actively denigrate BYU as an institution as well as its students and alumni, even at Church. A better man than I would take pity on such souls. For myself, I tend to despise those who despise me and things I find sacred.

There is nothing ennobling or fun or enjoyable about "rivalry" interactions with Utah. U of U students, alumni, and faculty have seen to that. It's all hatred and virtue-signaling allegations of oppression. Mockery is common; a favorite of many U of U students is "sacrament" using Jello and whiskey shots. Har de har har.

Personally, I am all for BYU dropping U of U from any and all sports and other intermural activities forever. Winning streak? Losing streak? Who cares? If they want to proclaim their superiority, that's okay by me. Let them wallow in their own filth. Just keep those I care about away from them.

The point is, there is nothing holy about it.

(And for the record, I'm certainly not talking about mirkwood. Don't mean to rain on his parade or his rivalry smack. I consider him one of the Ute friends I mentioned back in the second paragraph.)

Mark this day (tomorrow - Saturday Sept 11) it is likely the last time there will be any meaningful rivalry in any games (especially football) played in the future.  However, we have learned by sad experiences throughout the history of mankind that those that base their opinions in hate - will likely continue to be unhappy and vengeful even after there all the reasons have been erased in time. 


The Traveler

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4 hours ago, mirkwood said:

It's tithing time.  I can live with one loss every ten games.

Please maintain this understanding throughout the rest of the season.  Tithing should be paid against all accounts.

With Utah in the Pac 12 and BYU in the Big 12 we ought to be able to wish (support) each other.  In short - as Coach Sitake said prior to Saturday's game - "There is something very wrong with wishing bad things for anyone."

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Normally I don't follow BYU football all that much, especially as a Georgia Fan (it appears that we are going to be #2 again this week...which is far better than Utah or BYU) but as this thread has raised them to my awareness, while glancing down a list I saw that BYU appears to be ranked as high as #15 on some lists. 

That has to burn some Utah fans something fierce.

I don't expect it to stay (I expect BYU will lose drastically and fall of the top 25 sometime in the near future) but I remembered this thread when I saw BYU on the list.  I just hope Georgia can stick around in the top 5 (no idea if they will or won't, it's still VERY early in the season).

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