I was the loving, patient, long-suffering person and it paid off


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Just wanted to share a bit of job success.

I teach for one of the virtual schools.

Last week, I got a nastygram from a parent. Like, insulting my intelligence and skill. After letting myself imagine lots of delightfully  nasty and unprofessional responses in my head, I responded with nothing but empathy and sorrow and offers of help. I did this to about half a dozen more nastygrams. 

Turned out that while the parent and I were talking over how to solve problems A, B, and C, it turned out the real problem was in an entirely different universe. Coworker in charge of separate universe helped and matter was resolved.

Parent has been nothing but supportive and polite and friendly since. Like, freakishly polite and kind. 

I think, though, we may become good partners over the year. 

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