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So, when the daughters were like 11ish, we redid their bathroom, and I added an extra medicine cabinet thingy that lights up and whatnot.  Cool place to keep makeup and skincare and stuff that girls seem to need.  Those like those, right?  Just doin' my daddy thing.  Over the years, my wife has taken them to try out makeup, they've talked about spa days and facials and stuff.   Daughters never gave two craps about any of that.  Medicine cabinet is the most useless thing in our house, covered in dust, holding some nail polish and other crap mom got them over the years.

Tonight we're doing our monthly family movie night thing, and this time our 17 yr old is bringing a friend.  She mentions in passing he's a boy.  His parents are dropping him off at our movie, and picking him up after.  They're just friends, she says.

This morning, I notice the door to the medicine cabinet is open. 


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I’m so excited for my daughters to start having crushes! I was worried I wouldn’t have any girls since girls don’t run in my family nor much in my wife’s family. So far, we are two for three on girls.

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