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Winter is coming

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So, with each month bringing some new status-quo-changing news stories, curious things happening with the global supply chain, Psaki's (and others') recent comments about how some things just won't be findable this winter, it's a good time to give a few minutes thought to our individual and family preparedness. 

My ward's preparedness specialist is pretty on point - here's his simple list of considerations:


Emergency Preparedness Considerations

The Rule of Threes: an easy way to remember your priorities for an emergency.  As a general rule, a person can survive austere conditions in the following order of importance:

3 Seconds without Thinking
3 Minutes without Breathing
3 Hours without Shelter
3 Days without Water
3 Weeks without Food
3 Months without Hope

*  Stop and think!  Get situationally aware and determine your priorities, then focus on the most efficient way to realize those priorities.

*  Remember to Breathe!  Oxygenate your body to help avoid shock

*  What are you doing about shelter?
o    Seasonally appropriate clothing (Summer: Cotton, Winter: Wool/Synthetics)
o    Tarps/plastic sheeting for emergency home repairs
o    Tent for inside or outside home
o    Sleeping bags or quilts in case heating is compromised
o    What are your plans for heating?
    ▪    Fuel storage – safety, space
    ▪    Ventilation of stored fuels and exhaust
    ▪    Multiple fuels and backup heating options
o    What can happen to your house that can cause you to no longer have shelter?
o    What happens if your car is wrecked, broken down, or stuck in snow, etc?

*  What are you doing about water?
o    Treatments (Filtering vs purifying) 
o    Sewage (septic system, trench latrine, kitty litter, etc)
o    Personal hygiene (solar shower, sponge baths, baby wipes, etc)
o    Dishwashing
o    First aid (avoiding cholera, dysentery, sepsis, etc)

*  What are you doing about food?
o    Cooking devices – quantity of people, prep time, ambient temperature
o    Have you tried preparing your emergency food?  Do you have all necessary elements? 
o    Fuel storage – safety, space
o    Appropriate cookware for appliance
o    Trash disposal

*  What are your power plans?
o    Lighting (LED lanterns, candle lanterns, flashlights, etc)
o    Be aware that meal prep takes longer and typically occurs earlier with reduced lighting
o    Appliances (electric stoves, furnace blowers, well pumps, etc)
o    Communications (phones, etc)

*  How will you maintain hope?
o    DO NOT DISMISS THIS PRIORITY!  Though it may not seem like an imperative in comparison to other physical needs, ignoring this will inevitably lead to your failure
o    Focus on “The Mission”, spiritual purpose, whatever it is that matters to you
o    Maintain a schedule, try to maintain normalcy especially for children
o    Be vigilant of psychological well-being (especially for children)
o    Incorporate physical activity and outdoor time into schedule to reduce depression

Every person/family is different and needs to determine the plan that works for them.  


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