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Jeremy A

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Hello, fellow LDS Trivia and Puzzles players:

I'm hoping to have a game this weekend with three possible time slots. Remember that all times are Pacific Standard Time. For those outside the United States and Canada, compare your time zone to Seattle, Washington. (I'm not sure how Mexico names its time zones, but I believe Canada uses the same as the US.)

The first one will be Friday night between 7 PM and 8 PM. Please schedule four hours, but I'm hoping it will be three. Since the game is live, I cannot guarantee how long it will be.

The second one will be between 11 AM and 7 PM on Saturday.

The third one will be between 1:30 PM and 7 PM on Sunday.

Now, if you want to play but am unable to attend at those times, please comment on this post and give me some options. I will choose one if I am available for any of them. If not, I will say what times I am available.

I'm available nights around 6:30 PM and, pretty much, all day Saturday. Church is at 10:30 AM and lasts about two hours.

The game is over DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. Please see the website for information on how to get there.

I'm going to ask three random questions. Rack your brain and get the answers, including looking them up. Put your answers in a text file and submit them when prompted at the game. Use one line per question, preferably in the order asked.

  • Old Testament: When Moses counted the Israelites in the plains of Moab, how many were in the tribe of Gad? A) 22,200; B) 32,500; C) 40,500; or D) 52,700?
  • Church History: The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square competed in the Eisteddfod singing competition in 1893 and was awarded what place?
  • Church History: How many times did Moroni appear to Joseph Smith over the night of September 21, 1823? A) two, B) three, or C) four?

I hope to see you there.

(Thank you to the admins for letting me post these. I do this for fun.)

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