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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Well, I cooked the Turkey, cooked green bean casserole, cooked rolls, cooked sweet potato casserole, and coordinated with my wife who was using the oven when (she also cooked a number of items). 

Always remember how much I dislike cutting turkey (why is it the Father's job to carve the Turkey?  Well, my wife doesn't like to do it either, so that's an excellent reason for me to do it, if for no other reason than to make it so she does not have to).  I should make one of the kids or grand kids do it one of these days. 

It is interesting that after you have children, you are always the ones responsible for doing the Turkey and dinner as (at least for us) even after they've grown up you'll always have at least one (many times more) come visit for Thanksgiving.  Instead of just the kid, you have their entire family though, so we get to cook more and more as we get older.  I suppose it's a good thing though, as it makes your home still the center of visitation for them and thus the center of the least for now.

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