What if the name of a demon is in the Jewish scriptures?


Do you agree with my theory that perhaps Azazel repents, divides the kingdom of Satan and causes it to fall?  

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  1. 1. Do you agree with my theory that perhaps Azazel repents, divides the kingdom of Satan and causes it to fall?

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    • Yes
    • Perhaps..... I am sure that Jesus as the Word - Logos would NOT play a practical joke on Azazel????

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Would not the name Azazel being in Leviticus chapter sixteen get Azazel into trouble with Lucifer and other demons?

"but the goat on which the lot fell for Aza'zel shall be presented alive before the LORD
to make atonement over it, that it may be sent away into the wilderness
to Aza'zel." (Leviticus 16:10, RSV).
Does Azazel repent, give his heart to Jesus and begin to divide and destroy the kingdom of Satan as I postulated beginning over thirty years ago?
Here is a quotation from The Book of Enoch related to this idea.




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[Chapter 13]

1 And Enoch went and said: 'Azazel, thou shalt have no peace: a severe sentence has gone forth 2 against thee to put thee in bonds: And thou shalt not have toleration nor request granted to thee, because of the unrighteousness which thou hast taught, and because of all the works of godlessness 3 and unrighteousness and sin which thou hast shown to men.' Then I went and spoke to them all 4 together, and they were all afraid, and fear and trembling seized them. And they besought me to draw up a petition for them that they might find forgiveness, and to read their petition in the presence 5 of the Lord of heaven. For from thenceforward they could not speak (with Him) nor lift up their 6 eyes to heaven for shame of their sins for which they had been condemned. Then I wrote out their petition, and the prayer in regard to their spirits and their deeds individually and in regard to their 7 requests that they should have forgiveness and length. And I went off and sat down at the waters of Dan, in the land of Dan, to the south of the west of Hermon: I read their petition till I fell 8 asleep. And behold a dream came to me, and visions fell down upon me, and I saw visions of chastisement, and a voice came bidding (me) I to tell it to the sons of heaven, and reprimand them. 9 And when I awaked, I came unto them, and they were all sitting gathered together, weeping in 10 'Abelsjail, which is between Lebanon and Seneser, with their faces covered. And I recounted before them all the visions which I had seen in sleep, and I began to speak the words of righteousness, and to reprimand the heavenly Watchers.
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Does a major fallen angel return to G-d and divide the kingdom of Satan and...

cause it to fall?

but the goat on which the lot fell for Aza'zel shall be presented alive before the LORD to make atonement over it, that it may be sent away into the wilderness to Aza'zel.(Leviticus 16:10 RSV)

In a nutshell I have came to strongly suspect that Azazel is the fallen angel who will be somewhat like General Abner who brought the ten tribes over to King David or to Rav Shaul/Paul who repented of persecuting Christians and followers of God.

I suspect that when the fallen angel Azazel returns to the God of Abraham with his whole heart...when Yom Kippur is completely fulfilled....then a major step will have been taken toward the ushering in of a truly new era of worldwide peace where even the eating habits of wild animals like lions will be altered!

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Now you are all set up to better understand my e-mail to Jerusalem Sanhedrin Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander back in 2010.





Rabbi Hollander, linking Jerusalem Third Temple with Grand Unified Theory of Modern World Problems.

On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 8:00 PM, Dennis Tate <[email protected]> wrote:

Shalom Rabbi Hollander:
I've been participating on The Sanhedrin message board and I was urged to contact you
directly.  So far as I know I am probably the first minor Canadian politician who has
advocated that my nation assist The Temple Mount Faithful Community, People For A
Bill to Build The Bet HaMikdash and The Sanhedriin in your efforts to control the
Temple Mount and rebuild your Jerusalem Third Temple.
It is my firm belief that semi-reality and reality film series could play an important role 
in working out the fulfillment of every word spoken in the law and in the prophets.  My 
dad, Robert Stewart Tate, passed away on January 1, 1990.  His death came at the 
same time that I was being confronted with the implications of the near death 
experience accounts. I went through a theological crisis that I believe has relevance for
your SanHedrin.
"but the goat on which the lot fell for Aza'zel shall be presented alive before the LORD
to make atonement over it, that it may be sent away into the wilderness
to Aza'zel." (Leviticus 16:10)
I had no problem with the positive near death experiences but those negative ones
put me into a philosophical crisis unlike I had ever experienced before.  I saw this 
verse in Leviticus as a possible loophole and I asked that the guilt of Azazel would
be put on my head.  I prayed and asked The G-d of Abraham if he had any use for
a volunteer "goat for Azazel?"  If so, then I wanted to submit my application for the
Several unusual things did occur since that time that I feel indicates that my offer
may well have been accepted.  I would like to elaborate further on how I feel
a volunteer goat for Azazel could perhaps be of use in the working out of latter
day events in such a way that the death toll is kept to an absolute minimum.
Although I am not certain exactly what a volunteer goat for Azazel should do I
have seen a videotape in my head of myself signing currency units while my hand
is bleeding.  The blood that drips onto a particular part of those currency units,
along with many examples of my signature serves to authenticate the 
validity of these specific currency units for a future in which they could turn
out to be quite useful.  I hereby offer to The Sanhedrin 22 billion Dennis Tate
shekels or dollars, similar to CalgaryDollars.ca or the Ithaca Hour.  
Bill and Melinda Gates are planning on spending 24 billion US dollars in an effort
to make this world a better place.  I wish to compete with them.  This 22 billion
in a sense can be used as props in many reality films that tend to promote
peace in the Middle East and the reestablishment of the law of Moshe even in
foreign lands.
It is my belief that the films that you are guided to produce and direct will greatly
increase in value over the coming decades and centuries.
Shalom and greetings from Nova Scotia.
Dennis Tate  


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Should nine point three million Israelis begin a Class Action Lawsuit against Bill Gates that could prove to be a part of his Road To Damascus Experience?

I did start a poll on this idea and here are the results so far:


Should Israelis begin discussion of a Class Action Lawsuit against Bill Gates?


Should Israelis be discussing a Class Action Lawsuit against Bill Gates?

  1. *

    Perhaps... depending on what information comes out over the coming weeks and months?

    2 vote(s)

    No... his investments almost certainly saved lives and did far, far, far more good than harm.

    0 vote(s)

    Yes....... Israelis in a sense have been experimented on

    1 vote(s)


    1 vote(s)


    5 vote(s)


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Now to give some background material on the beginning of the kingdom of Satan from a near death experiencer that I believe is very much in line with what I think you Latter day Saints teach on this topic. 






“You must understand, my son, that original creation mirrored the composition and perfection of Person-God. All creation vibrated in unison with us! There was total accord and harmony everywhere as the whole creation was resonating with and in God!

“Each separate thing or being thus carried out an appointed task in our scheme for the universe. A heaven-form of music resulted as even the stars sang in their appointed circuits. Here in paradise you are hearing these melodious vibrations directly upon your new mind, undistorted. On Earth you heard distorted sounds through the air waves. Throughout heaven the music flows from my throne, uninterrupted, undefiled, and peace-giving.”

Jesus paused again.

“My book tells of the time when Lucifer’s rebellion in heaven changed some things. He sought to usurp my Father’s throne, assume his position as the most high God, and to rule the universe. For that blasphemy Lucifer was cast from heaven to Earth; in fact, I saw him fall as a bolt of lightning! In a tantrum of hate and rage over being deposed so fast he and his fallen angels disfigured our perfect Earth. It became void and uninhabitable. For punishment befitting his enemy of God, Lucifer was given a new name, Satan, since he was the self-appointed ‘adversary’ of the Almighty. Anything that God had made, Satan would attempt to destroy from then on. As Lucifer he had been created the highest angel about the throne, one of his assignments and talents being the chief musician in charge of worship and music. In his rebellious anger he set about destroying harmony on and in the Earth from then on. That is why the Earth where he operates now is out of harmony with God’s other creations. In my book we call this disharmony ‘sin’, because it defies God’s will that even the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament show his handiwork.

“But be of good cheer, my son. The Father has permitted me to overcome Satan’s world system of sin, and to destroy the works of Satan, and to re-establish righteousness in the hearts of my friends. Eventually in his chosen time he will restore all creation as it once was, in him!”

It was clear enough that God’s “heaven-music” was ever-present as a permeating reminder of the purity and power in its Creator. As God’s methods of communication are headlined by music, even so is Satan’s method of distorting its language to deceive through his “rock”! Jesus had clearly implied already that one of his final missions would be to destroy the very “works of the devil” which include all music that fails to honor the Lord. Messiah promised to destroy any disharmonies which Satan uses to lure and deceive innocent children into the pits of hell!

The music around me suddenly seemed louder. I rushed to a nearby tree and grasped its trunk to my ear: it was “singing.” I lifted my right elbow to my head; it too emitted the same joyous, beatless melody. Excitedly I stopped to pick some flowers, and found them already in my hand. They too were “playing” the tune.




This particular near death experience has some predictions that causes many Christians to think that Dr. Richard Eby was a false prophet.. but I personally think that his NDE account is evidence that hints at Applied Multiverse Theory which would correspond with non - linear time which might help to explain hidden meaning in Ezekiel chapter thirty seven, Romans chapters nine, ten and eleven and Revelation chapter twenty.  




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