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On 4/14/2022 at 12:00 PM, Godless said:

I can't promise that I can satisfactorily answer your questions, but I'll try my best.

I have wondered if you would be more comfortable answering in the privacy of messages? 


The Traveler

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On 4/14/2022 at 12:56 PM, Godless said:

I'm just not convinced of that. There's a rift, sure. But the leftist wing of the party knows that it can't survive politically without the rest of the party. They're actively trying to remake/reform the Democratic party to reflect modern issues and circumstances. America First is more likely to stab the GOP in the back than work to reform it. They'll divide conservatives and then cry fraud when they keep losing elections.

In general, the factions of the various parties will likely still hold together under their existing party frameworks so long as they fear/despise the other party more than they fear/despise their sometime-allies within their own party.

I can’t speak to the Democratic Party; but on the right—there seem to be a lot of folks who (dumbly, IMHO) think Romney, Flake, and Liz Cheney are just as dangerous as Biden, Pelosi, and AOC; and there were also a lot of Republicans who felt a Biden administration would in the long term be less harmful (both to the GOP and the country) than a second Trump term.  

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5 hours ago, Just_A_Guy said:

Liz Cheney

To me, that’s the biggest sign that the GOP has gone nuts. She had a 90% something rating from the American Conservative Union. She ain’t Susan Collins or Lincoln Chaffee. 

But the Trumpers still wanted her dismissed because she didn’t bow to the supreme commander. Complete madness. 

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  • 8 months later...

Biden's visit to the border did nothing to wake him up to the crisis because his handlers "handled" the border prior to his visit.


This is proof that they CAN fix the problem, but they simply refuse to do so.  It isn't a question of resources.  It is a question of political will alone.  And Biden is failing at it.

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Border Patrol Agent says that Biden's yes-men made it impossible for Biden to actually be aware of how bad it is down there.  His visit was a complete waste of time to simply allow him to remain in an echo chamber.

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On 4/14/2022 at 10:38 AM, Colirio said:

Clearly my attempt at humor was too subtle….? 

My grandparents have been voting Democrat for 30 years. They passed away 30 years ago… rigged elections and… nevermind.  <sigh> 

I understood it that you were casting their votes for Democrats for some reason.

Not sure why you'd put their votes for Democrats when you seem to be very conservative, but I guess that's one way to shrug the Feds off your trail...

From the sounds of it, it seems to have worked for you for the past 30 years so you have that going for you...not sure I would have admitted it so openly after all that time though...


(PS:  Yes, the was also a joke for those who may not get it).


On 4/14/2022 at 10:27 AM, Traveler said:



Generally it is my impression that in the succeeding 45+ years since that political party corruption has increased.  I refuse to associate with either party - but I have attended bipartisan charity events and do my best to act civilly.  And like I have already said - I do not have respect for individuals that think their civic duty is to remain ignorant and vote for politicians exclusively based in corrupt party policy that openly disrespects and despises their political intents. 


I don't support either party as well.  Mine is more that neither party really promotes what I am wanting.  The Democrats seem to have tossed morality into the back seat and then dumped it out the side door as they sped off in regards to Chastity and anything dealing with that as well as other moral matters.  The Republicans seem to have forgotten the entire ideal they had of smaller but effective government while at the same time also forgetting the balance they had between the social contract and the people.  They seem more focused on pure unadulterated Capitalism and greed rather than espousing freedom and virtues. 

Recently it's gotten even worse with the Republicans.  It seems that the ONLY compass they have today is to try to do the exact opposite of what the Democrats are trying to do.  If the Democrats promote something that the Republicans claimed they wanted a week prior, suddenly the Republicans do a 180 degree turn and go against it!  It's like they have nothing really guiding them anymore! They switch their desires on a dime it seems these days.

It wasn't always this way though.

It's like the 60s and 70s hit and both parties lost their way.

I tend to vote conservatively, generally speaking, but that doesn't mean I see the Republicans being any better than the Democrats as one would put it.

The Democrats have gone from Roosevelt (who even consulted with the Leaders of our CHURCH and based HIS social nets and programs off of the Church's system [which invariably were changed later, obviously when looking at them today] in a big impact our church had on our nation due to that) to Kennedy and the Clintons, where as at the same time we went from Eisenhower who I feel did great for all to Trump who seems to be morally the exact opposite of what the Republicans used to stand for.

Today I try to vote who I think is honest, upright, and has moral standing but at times it can be difficult, even in local politics.  I don't care about the party, I try to care about the person.

Sometimes it comes down to who is less evil or immoral than the other rather than who is moral, an unfortunate turn of our politics today. 


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