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First Returned Missionary

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My daughter ends her mission next week on Wednesday.  We're all really excited.

Her "boyfriend" is waiting for her with bated breath.  I put the "boyfriend" in quotes because that simply isn't the right way to characterize their relationship.  But things are looking like they're going to the temple and they're... gonnna ... ahem.  

He's a good kid with a bright future.  But he just wasn't the kind of guy that made me all excited to see him marry my daughter.  So, I told him that he had a few months to consider how he could make her 

     "Get swept away, to levitate, to sing with rapture, to dance like a dervish, be deliriously happy."

Turns out that I spoke with my daughter about him.  Apparently (without my knowledge) he has already done things to sweep her off her feet.  And she still has fond memories from before her mission.  And I'll tell you that this kid is so freaking in love with her that it reminds me of me with my wife.  And once I realized how happy he made her, well, I guess I'm getting a different perspective on him.

Anyway.  Daughter has some bitter sweet feelings about leaving the mission.  No more great spiritual experiences.  No more dealing with neighbors who basically harass the missionaries every chance they get.  No more California.  No more meaningful bonds made with companions.

Well, at the same time my son's girlfriend (no quotes) is getting ready for her mission.  She wanted to time her mission so that she would return on the same day as my son.  But alas, the Lord had different plans.  She'll be getting back about 2-1/2 months after my son.  This is the son who was assigned to Ukraine and is now serving in Utah.  She doesn't have a great housing situation at her parents' house.  So, we offered her our spare room to be her temporary MTC (if they are still doing that by the time she starts).

Kids coming home from missions.  Making plans for marriage.  Now, there's no denying it.  I'm old.  I grew my beard out again due to negligence (working long hours).  The beard is the second place to get gray hairs (after my nose...yeah) and, boy were there a lot of them.  But it still hasn't made it's way up to the head yet.  So, I shaved and I look like I'm 35 again.  Bonus is that I get more kisses from my wife :).

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