Y’all gone woke?


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19 hours ago, Still_Small_Voice said:

I believe the answer was given in the 2022 General Conference by Elder Dallin Oaks on woke doctrine.

I have been sharing this and pointing it out to people for some time now.  Sadly, even these words taught during General Conference are insufficient to sway even some of our leaders.

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56 minutes ago, Grunt said:

We had a GA at stake conference not address this directly, but essentially said that if you're following the world, not the church, you'd better wake up and get onboard.

That seems to be how this is being handled most of the time.  Gotta have the Spirit just to understand the truth behind the words of the Apostles and Prophets of the Lord.  He who hath ears to hear, I suppose.

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5 hours ago, NeuroTypical said:

Cat_cattinson is a 'detransitioner'.  She tells stories of falling for the cultural winds and pressures, trying to live as a man, being prescribed medication over the phone by a doctor she never met.  She talks about her return to reality.


The left trying to silence voices like hers is repulsive. 😞 

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