Charities - UGH!!!

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A couple months ago I posted that I had decided to donate to Ammo Inc to supply ammunition to the Ukrainian army.  They responded saying that they want to handle that by having donations go to the charity: CARE.  I donated to them.  I received a thank you note in the mail saying that they were grateful that I had donated to fight climate change.


I was very upset.  Needless to say I stopped all communications.

Today I just got a mailing from the March of Dimes asking for donations.  I thought, "How about that!  There's a charity I can get behind."  Then I read what they were asking money for.  They are chartered to support women and babies in need of medical care.  That sure sounded ok.  But there was something very odd about the wording and how they were saying some things and not saying others.  They especially talked about how many women die in child birth in the US.  When they say that they were able to reduce the number of babies born with birth defects.  My alarm bells went off.

I looked them up.  Apparently, they are another charity that funds and encourages abortions. 

Is this old news?  Do most people know that already? Dang!  I've got to look into every donation I've made and see what they're really like underneath.  I may just stop donating to any cause because everyone hides their real activities under the veneer of helping children.

At least I'll be ok with tithing and fast offerings.  Sheesh!  Can I not donate to any other cause and feel like I'm helping some cause I actually support?

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Look to your local cities. Help a neighbor out, you never know what they are struggling with financially. One of the people on this forum really helped my family out a few years ago. I will not name their name, but they had someone in their family drop a gift card off to us at Christmas time. But, you do not need to wait until Christmas. You may just see that they are in need and do it anonymously. God bless.

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