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In doing the reading for this week, I found a couple of interesting things today regarding the Book of Esther.

  • Historians (including Jewish historians) tend to believe this is fiction.  Historical fiction, but fiction nonetheless.  One theory calls it a "historical novella."
  • Feminists tend to be greatly offended by this story (quelle suprise!) because it talks of a "fool of a king" banishing his queen for simply refusing to appear when summoned.  And they blame this on the fact that the king was drunk.  Probably with a bunch of drunk friends.  And she really wasn't in the mood for that.  Ok.


People tend to rank it up there with Song of Solomon since these are the only two books that do not mention God.  Of course, most of Christianity believes the Song of Songs to be a metaphor for Christ's love for his people.  Uhmmm... yeah...

So, any thoughts on Eshter?

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4 hours ago, Just_A_Guy said:

The church released a video a few years ago based on the story of Esther, that I thought was brilliantly done:

This is actually linked in the Come Follow Me for the week. There is also another one that is linked (different actors).  Both put together make an interesting combo.

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